The 2016 application deadline has passed. The 2017 program will open on March 15, 2017.
Guidelines for the Research Proposal

Gilead Research Fellowship Program

The Research Proposal should be a clear and concise presentation of the Applicant's proposed research.

The Proposal must include:

Research Abstract

Provide an abstract of no more than 325 words outlining the Applicant's proposed research.

Research Description

Provide a description that is single-spaced (using 11 point Arial font) and limited to 5 pages total, not including the bibliography or budget. Research proposals with over 5 pages will not be accepted.

The proposal must include:

  1. Title of the proposed research
  2. Description of research objectives, including relevant literature, specific aims, study design, methodology, data, and projected results
  3. Discussion of the relevance of the proposed research to the objectives of the Research Scholars Program (see Scientific Focus section of this website)
  4. Description of analytical methods (figures and tables should be included in the body of the text, where applicable)
  5. Description of potential research challenges and possible approaches for overcoming them
  6. Description of relevant past work by the Applicant, including joint collaborations and references

Budget Guidelines

Indirect Costs:

  • In an effort to maximize the research benefit of the award, the Program encourages that every effort be made to minimize the utilization of the award to cover indirect costs. If required, up to 8% of the award can be directed to indirect costs.


  • The Applicant may allocate up to $50,000 per year in salary and fringe benefits support for the Applicant and/or a technician.
  • Salaries and fringe benefits support for mentors, post-doctoral fellows, or students may not be included.


  • Supplies such as disposables, chemicals, reagent kits, animals, etc, may be included.
  • Equipment purchases with a single item value of greater than $2,500 may not be included.


  • Up to $1,500 per year for Applicant's travel to a scientific meeting for presentation of data may be included.

If the research project includes investigations on human subjects, a copy of the submission. to the institutional review board (IRB) must be submitted prior to award.

If the research project involves laboratory animals, researcher must certify that he/she will comply with all laws and regulations pertaining to care and use of animals in research prior to award.